Monday, May 27, 2013

Not popular online auction, eBay style turned to Amazon

A report released this month by researchers at Stanford University showed that online auctions are fast fading. At present, only selling goods through an auction on eBay users to a total of 15%, while most users prefer pricing to sell their goods, this also makes eBay more like a traditional Web site. Study says one of the Lilan·annafu, an economist from Stanford University (Liran Einav) says: "most people think eBay is a large auction sites, but we realize that they operate more like Amazon. ” Report finds that this shift is partly because people are more inclined to the adoption of social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube cheap oakley sunglasses
video site to spend leisure time in other ways. An Nafu believes that appears in different forms of recreation services has greatly reduced the attractiveness of online auctions, which could lead to the flow of cheap oakleys
goods. An Nafu indicated that it is now an increasingly popular cheap oakley sunglasses
for a quick deal, although it was also keen to find the goods, but this consumption pattern is time consuming. The rapid growth of mobile devices is accelerating this change process. Report shows, as opposed to desktop users, eBay oakley sunglasses cheap
mobile users to browse time has dropped an average of 25%. In addition, due to the oakley sunglasses sale
rapid development of e-business websites, online auction model the price is gradually brought about by loss. However, eBay's auction model for buyers, there is good news. Participation in the auction buyers are often good deal could be reached. Studies have shown that in recent years, commodity prices are often sold at auction than similar priced 16% lower commodity prices. Research also shows that current auctions at eBay more like traditional retail marketing strategy. In addition, some difficult to buy commodities dependent on eBay, for example, collectibles, jewelry and pop star Justin Timberlake · Bieber (Justin Bieber) hair.

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