Thursday, June 27, 2013

could there be truth in them? Rose Ellen with a--his mind refused to frame the

Her calm, sensible voice fell like balm on the distracted ears of the minister. He was soothed, he knew not why. The horrors that those harpies suggested,--could there be truth in them? Rose Ellen with a--his mind refused to frame the detestable word! Was there anything true in the world? Was it all scandal and hatefulness and untruth? He rose and paced his study in anguish of mind, but his ears were still awake,--he thought he never should regain the joy of losing himself,--and now another sound came to them, the sound of wheels. Why did his heart stop, and then beat violently? What was there in the sound of wheels? It was the late stage, of course, ray bans sunglasses
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and Calvin Parks was driving fast, as usual, to get to his home, five miles away, before ten o'clock at night. But that stage came from Tupham, and Tupham meant Rose Ellen. Rose Ellen, who was as smooth as baked custard, and who had a--the wheels were slacking; the steady beat of the horses' feet stopped; cheap ray bans
the stage had paused at the Widow Mellen's door. "Here we be!" said Calvin Parks. "Take my hand, Rosy! so, thar she goes! Hope ye'll find yer ma right smart! Give her my respects and tell her,--wal, I swan!" For the door flew open, and out ran the minister, torn and stained and covered with dust, and caught Rose Ellen by both hands and drew her almost forcibly into the house.